How much is a typical home inspection cost? in Florida?

The average home inspection costs $300.00 for homes up to 1500 sq. ft. with a price increase of $50.00 per 500 sq ft. However, prices are subject to change based on availability, size, age, value, and location. Why location? Will if an inspector needs to travel a significant amount of miles, they may charge a per-mile fee starting at $0.50 cents per mile and up. The larger the home, the longer the inspector will take to inspect the home and create a report. The following prices listed below are basic prices that Silverman Inspection LLC charges based on the square feet of a home.

Prices are subject to change with additional add-ons like pools (noted on diagram) other add-ons may include wind-mitigation and 4-point inspections which are requested by the insurance companies to get an idea of the general conditions of the home.

Are home inspections required, yes your investment or home will be inspected by a certified licensed home inspector.

What does the home inspection consist of? A home inspection is a non-invasive inspection in which the inspector inspects the conditions of the home. The inspections include the Roof, Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing to name a few of the main components. For more information visit or contact us at (407)-377-7923.

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